Tuesday, February 23, 2021 — Sessions

Welcome: Plaintiff Advocacy And Planner Tool Kit

Joseph Di Gangi, CFP, CSSC

Life Company Basics: Approved Lists, Co-Brokers & Other Guidelines

Samantha Webster
Eric SoHayda, CSSC
Stephen Halterbeck, RSP
Betty Gregware

Preserving Needs-Based & Government Benefits

Paul Isaac, Jr.
Julian Gray, Esq., CELA
David Banas, Esq.
Shannon Laymon-Pecoraro, Esq.
Stacy Scrip, RSP, CTFA

Settlement Planning in the Best Interests of the Client

Jake Duvall
John Stone, CFP, RSP
Patrick Hindert

Advanced Planning: Blending Products for Long-Term Protection

Joseph Di Gangi, CFP, CSSC

Medicare’s Interest in the Plaintiff’s Settlement: Medicare Set-Asides

Paul Isaac, Jr.
Thomas Begley
Ciara Koba, Esq.

Qualified Settlement Funds and Practical Use Cases

Les Marsh
Andrew Cook
Glen Armand

Role Play Case Study – Approaches Across the Planning Spectrum

Anthony F. Prieto, Jr., CFP
John Stone, CFP, RSP
Joseph Di Gangi, CFP, CSSC

Wednesday, February 24, 2021 — Sessions

Advanced Credentials: Becoming a Registered Settlement Planner (RSP)

Joseph Tombs, JD, MBA, CLU, ARM, CFP, ChFC, RSP
Joseph Di Gangi, CFP, CSSC

Demystifying the Mass Tort Market: An Attorney’s Perspective of Planner Value

Kevin Swenson
Lincoln Combs
Ryan Garrison

Evolving Tax Law & Increasing Net Settlements

Jeremy Babener, Esq.
Robert Wood, Esq.

Pooled Trusts, Special Needs Trusts, Custodians &Trustees

Andrew Cook
Cameron Lindahl
Stacy Scrip, RSP, CTFA

Avoiding Predatory Practices in the Factoring Industry & Protecting Your Clients

Sean Bentzen, Ph.D.

Deferred Compensation for Trial Attorneys & Advanced Annuity Options

Paul Isaac, Jr.
Andrew Fisher
Greg Micoletti, CSSC, MSCC
John Meaney, CSSC

Emerging Market Spotlight: Non-Qualified Sales

Serena Fitchard, Esq.
Dan Finn
Christopher Bua, J.D.
Rick Miller

Judiciary Panel: Planning from The Court’s Perspective

Melissa Nickson
Hon. Emil Giordano
Joseph Di Gangi, CFP, CSSC

Thursday, February 25, 2021 — Sessions

Increasing Revenue Outside Of Planning, And Building A Well-Rounded Network

Jack Meligan, RSP, BCFE, MSCC, CMSP-F
Joseph Di Gangi, CFP, CSSC

Adding Value: Protecting the Attorney’s Practice

Paul Isaac, Esq., ChSNC
Jeremy Babener, Esq.
Jack Meligan, RSP, BCFE, MSCC, CMSP-F
Jason Lazarus, J.D., LL.M, CSSC, MSCC

Planning Alongside Guardian Ad-Litem & Elder Law Attorneys

Paul Isaac, Jr.
Kent Hansen, JD, MS
Hon. Emil Giordano
Joseph Di Gangi, CFP, CSSC
Jay Robert, Esq.
Anthony Alfieri, JD, RSP

Marketing for the Modern Planning Practice: Proven Techniques & Innovative Trends

Ben Finadaca
Ryan Garrison

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