Our Mission

The Society of Settlement Planners has a simple vision: to provide professional, comprehensive settlement advice to all recipients of legal settlements.

The mission statement of the SSP states that SSP members are “devoted to advising legal professionals and their clients in the negotiation, design and funding of legal settlements, addressing the diverse needs of injury victims and their families while maintaining available public and private assistance programs and promoting the proper application of, and safeguards for, the tax and financial remedies afforded recipients of tort recoveries.”

SSP Board Members

The Executive Officers and Board of Directors for the SSP are committed to building the profession of settlement planning.

The current SSP Executive Officers are as follows:

  • President: Paul Isaac, Jr.
  • Treasurer: Steve Halterbeck
  • Secretary: Daniel Maxwell

The SSP Board of Directors is comprised of the following individuals:

  • Joe Anderson
  • Jeremy Babener
  • Rhonda Bentzen
  • Chris Bua
  • Joe Di Gangi
  • Ryan Garrison
  • Steve Halterbeck
  • Paul Isaac, Jr.
  • John Mendoza
  • Sean Pendray
  • Stacy Scrip
  • John Stone
  • Joseph Tombs
  • Mark Vroman
  • Tracee Wagner

Registered Settlement Planner Designation

The Registered Settlement Planner (RSP) program was initiated in 2007 with the goal of developing a rigorous educational curriculum specific to settlement planning.

The Registered Settlement Planner designation is awarded by the Registry of Settlement Planners (click here for the Registry’s website). The educational program was developed in conjunction Texas Tech University and is administered by the Settlement Planning Education Center (SPEC) (click here to view SPEC’s website).

To earn the Registered Settlement Planner designation, each applicant must:

  • Complete the three part educational course administered by SPEC
  • Submit a comprehensive settlement plan for review the Board of the Registry of Settlement Planners
  • Agree to abide by the RSP Standards of Professional Conduct
  • Agree to fulfill the RSP continuing education requirements

Those settlement planners who have earned the Registered Settlement Planner designation have demonstrated a mastery of settlement planning principles and a dedication to comprehensive expertise.

Settlement Planning Practice Standards

Settlement Planning Practice Standards are developed by the Society of Settlement Planners (“SSP”) Board of Directors (“SSP Board”) and are effective following adoption by the SSP Board on August 8, 2017.

These Practice Standards are intended to:

  1. Benefit consumers of settlement planning services;
  2. Assure that settlement planning is practiced by professionals and based on established norms of practice;
  3. Advance professionalism in settlement planning; and
  4. Enhance the value of the settlement planning process.

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