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I accept and support the furtherance of the Society of Settlement Planners Mission Statement, defined in the Bylaws as:

"Membership is open to all individuals with a genuine interest in the settlement planning profession. Candidates for membership must attest to their substantial devotion of time, through professional employment or educational effort, to the field of settlement planning; practicing and continuously learning within the discipline and striving to ensure plans are consummated to a fiduciary standard. Members have voting rights, serve in elected and appointed office as well as committee positions, and participate in the promotion, advocacy and ethical expansion of the profession of settlement planning. Members are devoted to advising legal professionals and their clients in the negotiation, design and funding of legal settlements, addressing the diverse needs of injury victims and their families while maintaining available public and private assistance programs and promoting the proper application of, and safeguards for, the tax and financial remedies afforded recipients of tort recoveries."

My membership application is as an individual and not as a representative of my employer, firm, or brokerage with which I have a contractual relationship. It shall not be presumed or inferred by the organization that my acceptance of the Mission Statement as my personal belief is necessarily the position of my employer, firm, or contractual brokerage.

I understand the decision of the Board of Directors is final on my application and continuing status as a member, and that my membership status is also conditioned on my being current in paying dues in an amount set by this organization.

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